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Comprehensive sales and marketing services
for your success in Germany

Expanding your business into the German market requires more than just a presence – it demands a smart strategic approach and native speaking sales professionals on site to establish personal business relations. We provide you with a holistic approach and a suite of business development services to increase your turnover in Germany and make your business there a sustainable success.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Germany is our domestic Market. We observe and analyse price structures, customer requirements and competitors. Together with you we adapt your marketing strategy precisely to the requirements of the German market and thus optimize your product placement. And of course you can leave it to us to take care of the essential online marketing activities and of creating marketing material in German of your company and your products.

✅ Website translation to German

Translating or localizing your website can help you reach new customers, increase conversions, and enhance your brand reputation in other regions and cultures. We organize professional translation of your website into German, ensuring high-quality, accuracy, and cultural relevance.

✅ Search engine optimization (SEO) in German

The digital landscape is the modern marketplace, and an effective and visible online presence is a must. We have experts at hand who specialize in tailoring your digital content to the German audience. With SEO strategies crafted for the German market, we ensure your website ranks high and attracts the right audience.

✅ Search engine advertisement (SEA) German

Beyond organic reach, paid advertising can be a game-changer. Made right, it can lead to much quicker results than long-term SEO and maximize your visibility on platforms like Google. We organize targeted SEA-campaigns that speak directly to your German audience, driving traffic and conversions.

✅ Social media management in German

With social media management in German, you can strengthen your brand online, reach your target audience and support your business goals. We help you find the right platforms, content and strategies for the German-speaking market, measure and improve your social media performance. We also identify and process leads resulting from these social media activities and take care of nurturing them.

✅ Address research

Locating the right audience is crucial. We are well experienced in efficiently finding and selecting the right target group for you, ensuring that your marketing efforts hit the bullseye. Find and target the right audience in Germany with us.

✅ Cross-media translation management

Effective communication is key. Our cross-media translation management ensures that your message is not just translated but is culturally and contextually adapted to resonate with the German audience, whether it’s for your website, marketing collateral, or social media.

✅ Design & production of print material

First impressions matter. We organize translation, layout and print of your marketing material in German. From brochures to banners, we ensure your brand is presented in the best possible light, also in Germany.

Postal mailings in German

It may look old-school, but with postal mailings in German, you can reach your customers and business partners effectively and convey your advertising messages with a better perception than online methods. We take care of planning, narrating, producing, and sending out your postal mailings in German.

✅ Sponsoring

Strategic partnerships and sponsorships can open doors to new opportunities. We help you identify and establish sponsorship opportunities in Germany, tailored to your business objectives and values.

✅ Trade show visits in Germany

We search exhibitor lists and make on-site personal appointments in your name with potential customers and partners at tradeshows in Germany. This is often the most efficient way to establish a personal business contact and to talk to key people in an organization.

Sales & Account Management

We are your salesforce on the spot, i.e. we focus on establishing and improving customer relationships. This includes for example visiting trade fairs on your behalf and having personal conversations with your customers and prospects.

✅ Sales Representation Office Germany

We offer you a Sales Representation Office in Germany, which can help you increase your business opportunities in this important market. Apart from a German website we will establish a German phone number and a “German” email address for you, to which we answer during business hours. That way, potential business partners will much more likely contact you.

✅ Inside Sales Germany

We provide professional inside sales services in Germany, helping you to reach your target market, generate leads, and close deals. With our inside sales team in Germany, you can benefit from our extensive experience, market knowledge, and proven sales strategies.

✅ Field Sales Germany

We are your field sales force in Germany! With classic face-to-face interactions, such as meetings, workshops, conferences or presentations, we help you to establish and maintain long-term relationships with your customers, understand their needs and expectations, and provide them with customized solutions.

✅ Channel Development and Channel Management

We identify and develop sales channels in your company’s name in Germany. Apart from various online-channels, this can be distributors, resellers sales agents, consultants, prescribers, or direct sales to large Key-Accounts. Once established, we nurture and manage these business relationships for your long-term success.

✅ Networking with Commercial Associations

Building meaningful connections is a cornerstone of business success. We facilitate networking opportunities with commercial associations, chambers of commerce, local authorities, and more, helping you forge valuable relationships in Germany.

Other Services

We complete our range by offering various additional services that accelerate your efforts in the German market. In cooperation with our local partners we take care of many complementary tasks.

✅ Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of managing and improving the relationships with existing and potential customers. Our professional CRM service helps you to collect, analyze, and use customer data, optimize your marketing and sales strategies, and increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

✅ Research Public Tenders Germany

Research Public Tenders Germany is the process of finding and analyzing the public procurement opportunities in the German-speaking market. We offer professional research services that help you to identify, evaluate, and apply for the most suitable tenders for your business.

✅ Product Data Management in German

Managing and optimizing the product data for the German-speaking market can be key. We support you to ensure the quality, consistency, and relevance of your product information across different channels and media.

✅ Clarifying product and market regulations

Navigating the bureaucratic maze in a new country can be daunting. We assist you with administrative paperwork and compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

✅ Event Management

Events can be a powerful tool for brand exposure and networking. Our event management team handles every aspect, from planning and execution to promotion, ensuring your events in Germany are a resounding success.

Let’s build your success story in Germany together!

Our commitment is to be your one-stop solution for all your B2B-needs in the German market. We understand that success is a multifaceted endeavor, and our comprehensive approach is designed to support you at every step of your journey.

Proof-of-Concept: Market entry package Germany

We offer you a controlled tailor-made step-by-step approach to launch and grow your business in Germany: for a defined period of time we contact relevant market players in your name and try to get as much feedback as possible from the market. This proof-of-concept will lead to your first tangible contacts in Germany and the insights you will gain will provide you with a much more reliable decision-making basis for the next steps.

Foundation I: Office presence Germany

This package is ideal for companies who want to probe the German market with minimal risk and investment. Apart from a German Website you will get a postal address, a local +49 phone number which we answer during business hours, and a separate email-address for our German correspondence in your name. Once this Foundation I is in place, precisely targeted Lead Generation measures can be taken.

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