Foundation I: Office Presence Germany

Build the foundation for your market entry into Germany with an immediate office presence!

Would you like to have an almost immediate office presence in Germany? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are your German office team offering you a professional and flexible contact point and sales solution.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you lay the foundation for your market entry in Germany with an instant German presence!

What we do for you:

We translate your website into German. Proof-read by Germans living in Germany. If necessary we help you localize some contents according to German market requirements.
We establish a telephone number with a German +49 county dial code and put it on your German website.
We take incoming calls from Germany in your company’s name during regular business hours.
We establish a separate email-inbox under your company Domain especially for Germany, which we regularly check for incoming emails from Germany.
We adapt your corporate design (colours, signature, fonts, etc.) in our German correspondence in your company’s name.
We conduct an initial qualification of incoming enquires and then either hand them over to you for further processing, or we follow-up on these generated leads ourselves and nurture them for you.

The result for you will be:

a German website that is not just “translated”, but that also “sounds” German
a German “+49” telephone number at which your company can be reached
a German contact person that you can name on your websites and publications
a German speaking telephone stand-by service with sales skills, that can take and qualify incoming calls for you

Your immediate benefits:

Immediate representation in Germany for you.
Much more likely incoming calls from potential customers from Germany to a “+49” telephone number than to a number from abroad.
Increased trust, customer-convenience and deal-closing probability thanks to communication and support in native German.
First requirements and feedbacks from the German market, which we receive and collect for you during our communication with market players.
Possibility of high-value enquiries and sales-opportunities, even in this early stage of your market entry.

Your further possibilities with us:

Search engine optimization (SEO) of your German web-presence, in order to increase visitor numbers to your German web-presence
Search engine advertisement (SEA) in German, for immediate traffic generation to your new German web-presence
Social Media package I: Interaction in German on your Social-Media-Channels
Postal mailing campaigns in Germany
Personal visits at trade shows in your company’s name to establish contacts and generate leads

Do you want to learn more about our Sales Representation Office in Germany?

Call us or send us an email and we will gladly answer all your questions.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and contact us now!

Your personal contact person is Alexander Fischer.

Phone: +49-8442-9231500 | Email: